Announcing the Winners of Pentester Lab Pro Subscription Giveaway — October 2020

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Announcing the Winners of Pentester Lab Pro Subscription Giveaway — October 2020

And an exciting new contest running through all of November 2020

Pentester Lab

Hello folks!

What a month it has been. Concluding this awesomeness, we have the three winners of the contest we organised in collaboration with PentesterLab.

Aaaaaaand the winners are (drumroll):

  1. goswamiijaya for — Server-Side Request Forgery — SSRF: Exploitation Technique on the basis of the highest views.
  2. Kleitonx00 for Leveraging LFI to RCE in a website with +20000 users — on the basis of the highest number of fans.
  3. Shad3 for Malware Analysis 101 — Emotet MalDoc behavioural approach — on the basis of highest percentage read.

The winners will receive 1-month PentesterLab Pro Lab Coupons, using which they can access all the pro labs and learn everything from basic bugs to advanced vulnerabilities.

Winners please leave a comment here and will get in touch with you. You can also reach out to our editor, Sai Krishna Kothapalli on our Discord server. We will also leave a personal note on these articles.

To all the people who didn’t make it this time, we are hosting this contest for the month of November too. Any story published on Infosec Write-ups is eligible to take part. To take part in the contest, you should:

  1. Be a writer for Infosec Write-ups
  2. Have an account at PentesterLab
  3. Follow both Infosec Write-ups and PentesterLab on Twitter
  4. Submit a high-quality writeup from November 1–20, 2020 (unpublished drafts only).

The winners will be decided based on the claps, views, quality of the article, and novelty of the technique discussed etc. There will be THREE winners.

Anybody from all over the world can participate. Age, the profession etc doesn’t matter.

Points to note:

  • The writeup shouldn’t be behind the Medium paywall for its lifetime. That means it should be accessible for everyone even without Medium Membership.
  • The article shouldn’t be removed from InfoSec Writeups (If removed, the writer will be disqualified next time)

That’s all from our end. We cannot wait to see what amazing articles you come up with.

Keep hacking, keep writing, and keep being awesome.


Sai and Anangsha
Editors, InfoSec Writeups

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