LimeSDR setup with GNURadio, gr-limesdr and GQRX on Ubuntu-20.04

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— Part-2

LimeSDR with Acrylic Case

Hope you had a smooth installation setup for LimeSDR. Now, we will see how to setup gnuradio, gr-limesdr and gqrx. For those, who haven’t checked how to setup LimeSDR, here is PART-1 .

Let’s proceed further.

  • STEP-4 : Installing GNURadio
sudo apt install gnuradio gnuradio-dev

This will install the latest gnuadio which is gnuradio-3.8.1. You must know that Ubuntu-20.04 deprecated gnuradio-3.7. So performing the above command will install gnuradio-3.8.

This gnuradio doesn’t come with gr-limesdr. Which is basically LimeSDR sources for GNURadio.

sudo apt install gr-limesdr

After opening gnuradio companion, search for lime in the blocks search field, basically Ctrl+f. Now, you can Plug and Play with the Lime Rx, Tx.

  • SETUP-5 : GQRX
sudo apt install gqrx-sdr
(You definitely don't want to run this command with sudo because it throws "Pulseaudio error: Connection refused" and that is because Pulseaudio wont run on sudo)

You can see that gqrx is directly considering the LimeSDR as a source from LMS7002M driver.

But in this you can see that device source is Ettus Soapy. As I explained in the first part that I will show how Soapy modules are used, Well you can see it here. GQRX is porting with Soapy device to give the output. Lets run this now and check if it’s working or not.

Before playing the gqrx, On the right bottom above DSP, Go to Input controls →Antenna → <select the suitable antenna for your scenario>

Now click play.

You can see that gqrx plays. Ufff… Finally 🙂

Well, Well, Well… For those who don’t know, gqrx setup with lime sdr was such a headache. It was very very difficult to install gqrx for lime as there were no proper dependencies and because of deprecating gnuradio-3.7.

Finaalllyyyy… This gqrx version with lime runs as smoothly as baby’s hair oil. Such an awaited feature in SDR field… I have been waiting so long for this issue to settle on myriadrf support pages, gqrx support pages. Finally the wait is over. 😀

Hope you guys liked this blog. Please leave claps and comment if you face any errors during installation.




Am writing this blog after wasting a lot of hours on how to setup proper SDR lab and to help a lot of beginners who are looking for solutions in RF | SDR setup. Who face alot of trouble installing the software stacks and wasting time. This might save a lot of time for few. Yes, I had many thoughts about Ubuntu-20.04 like how will it support many of the dependencies for SDR software. TBH, it made very easy for most of the setups.

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