TryHackMe- Bounty Hacker CTF Writeup (Detailed)

InfoSec Write-ups - Medium-- CTF Writeup #2Welcome folks!!We are going to do Bounty Hacker CTF on TryHackMe.TryHackMe | Bounty HackerI always start off my CTF by creating a directory of CTF on Desktop and Nmap directory within the CTF directory.Let’s dive in!! Enjoy the flow!!Task 1. Living up to the title.Tasks List#1.1 Deploy the machineAns: No answer neededNmap Scan:We … Continue reading TryHackMe- Bounty Hacker CTF Writeup (Detailed)

TryHackMe : RootMe CTF Walkthrough (Detailed)

InfoSec Write-ups - Medium-- TryHackMe : RootMe CTF Writeup (Detailed)Let’s dive in!!Task 1- Deploy the machineCreate a directory for your ctf machine on Desktop and a directory for nmapTask 2- ReconnaissanceNmap Scan :nmap -sC -sV -oN nmap/rootme <MACHINE_IP>-sC : Default scripts-sV : Version detection-oN : Output to be stored in the directory ‘nmap’ you created earlierNmap Scan OutputThere are 2 ports open : 22/ssh — OpenSSH 7.6p1 80/http — Apache httpd … Continue reading TryHackMe : RootMe CTF Walkthrough (Detailed)