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The demand for the Best clone apps for Android is increasing day by day. Many users want to clone the apps on their Android device, one for personal use and another for work use, For example, WhatsApp. There are very few apps that offer app cloning. The only possible way to clone an app is by using app cloners.

By using app cloners you will get power to clone the apps. In simple words, you can create the clone apps of the original app. After creating a clone app you can use your original app, as well as clone app on the same Android phone with different accounts.
With app cloners, you can also clone your favorite games. For example, If you have 2 accounts in-game and you don’t want to logout your current account then you can clone your game by using app cloner. So you can run multiple instances of the same game.
So by keeping the demand of clone apps in mind. We have created a list of best clone apps for Android.
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Best Clone Apps For Android

  • Parallel Space;
  • Dual Space;
  • Multiple Accounts;
  • 2Accounts;
  • Clone App;
  • Dr.Clone;
  • Multi Parallel;
  • Super Clone;
  • Do Multiple Accounts;
  • Parallel App.

1. Parallel  Space

The first place is Acquired by the Parallel space on the list. Parallel space is one of the best clone apps for Android. With parallel space, you can easily create multiple instances of the original app. Not only apps you can also clone your favorite games.
The best feature I like about this app cloner is that you can easily switch between two accounts with just one click.
This app also respects the user’s privacy. You can easily make any clone app invisible by using its Incognito Installation feature.
You can also change the theme of parallel space by going into its theme store. There are a wide variety of themes are available in its theme store.
No matter you are a gamer or professional worker this app is beneficial for everyone who likes to have clone apps for their Android phone.
The app has 100 Million+ downloads on Google Playstore with the ratings of 4.5 which is a really great thing. The app is getting better with every update. 
You can easily download this cloning application for your Android device by going to Playstore. The download link is given below:


  • Multiple Account Login;
  • Incognito Installation;
  • User Privacy protection;
  • Powerful and easy to use;
  • Theme store.

2. Dual Space

If you are looking for a Clone app for Android that can run multiple instances for you and also you want to log in multiple accounts and keep them all online at the same time than the Dual Space will be a great app cloner for you.
This app is a little bit the same as the previous one but has limited features in it. The app also has good privacy. You can also hide your clone apps by using its privacy zone feature.
The simple and easy to use interface make this app cloner easier to use. The size of the app is very less as compared to other app cloners. 
This app consumes low CPU and power, so you can easily switch between your clone apps and original apps with just one click without having any hang issues.
The app has more than 100 Million+ installation with 4.2 ratings on Google play store which is a really great thing. This proves that the app is trustworthy.


  • Privacy Zone;
  • Good app cloner;
  • Low CPU usage;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Multiple Login.

3. Multiple Accounts

Are you facing difficulties in logging in to multiple accounts? then why don’t you try Multiple accounts Apk? It is one of the best app cloner tool used to clone unlimited apps.
Like other cloning applications, this app also provides a privacy feature to protect users’ privacy that is known as privacy lock. 
By privacy lock, you can easily lock your clone apps, by doing this no can use your cloned apps except you.
Double the fun of gaming, texting, browsing social media with this cloning application. You can easily download this cloning application on your Android by going to Google play store.
The company claims that in order to protect user privacy they do not store any personal data of the user. This app might be safe to use.


  • Simple user interface;
  • Privacy lock;
  • Unlimited cloning;
  • Multiple Login.

4. 2Accounts

You may Have multiple accounts of WhatsApp, Viber, Instagram, etc. And you may get tired of switching from one account to another throughout the day. To eradicate this inconvenience you need 2Accounts Apk.
Basically, 2Accounts Apk is one of the best clone apps for Android. You can easily clone any app with the help of 2Accounts. So after cloning your favorite apps it will be easier for you to manage work and personal life.
Not only Apps you can also clone games through this app. This app also has a premium version, The security features like Secret Zone and security lock will be available in the Premium version of this app.
You can also clone unlimited apps after buying a premium subscription of the app. In the free version cloning application will be limited on Android.
The app has 4.2 ratings on Google Playstore with 5,000,000+ installs. The download link of this cloning app is given below.


  • Premium features like Secret Zone and Security lock;
  • Unlimited app cloning on Android;
  • Switch quickly between the two accounts with 1 click;
  • Simple and easy to use user interface;
  • Great design.

5. Clone app

The name of this app “Clone app” defines everything about the app. So if you are looking for a clone app with some extra features than other clone apps, then this cloning application for Android will be the best for you.
With the help of this Cloning application. You can easily clone the WhatsApp app, Facebook messenger, and many other popular apps on your Android phone.
I like the Private VPN feature of this app, This cloning application has a built-in VPN that will help you to visit the blocked websites in your region, the VPN is free to use.
The app also has a dark mode feature inside it. You can easily use this app at night by using its dark mode to prevent extra light which is good for eyesight.
You will see many annoying ads on other clone apps. But this app comes with no ads and it is completely free.
Rather than dark mode it also supports Gold Mode, Blue Mode, Night Mode, and Cyan Mode. If you want all these features in your app cloner, then you can easily download this app from Google play store the link is given below.


  • Private and free VPN;
  • Colorful Mode;
  • Dark mode;
  • Magic Stickers;
  • Without ads and completely free.

6. Dr.Clone

Everyone needs private space in their Android phones to run multiple accounts of one app. This is another one of the best clone apps for Android with no advertisement. The app is 100% free to use.
This app provides approx all premium features in free that a cloning application must-have.
A security lock is the best feature to lock your cloned apps. This feature is for those users who like to have maximum privacy.
You can also block or allow your cloned apps to display notifications. Dr.Clone supports major social media apps including popular games like PUBG, clash of clans, etc.
Because of its easy to use user interface. A beginner user will not find any difficulty to use this app.


  • No ads 100% free to use;
  • Security lock;
  • Incognito installation;
  • Support major apps and games;
  • Simple user interface.

7. Multi Parallel

Are you looking to play games with multiple accounts? Or you want to use multiple accounts for a specific app? For both use Multi parallel is the best clone app.
It supports all major social media applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and many more.
Same as other app cloners this app also has a Privacy Lock to protect your cloned account. It supports two types of lock systems.
You can either lock the main app that is Multi parallel or you can lock a specific cloned app inside the Multi parallel the choice is all yours.
This is one of the best clone apps for low RAM Android Phones, because of its lightweight and low RAM usage. This app also has a built-in lite mode which is best for power saving and memory efficiency.
Its simple user interface makes the app easier to use for the user. Overall it has 5,000,000+ Downloads with 4.4 Ratings on Google play store which is really great.


  • Privacy lock;
  • Simple user interface;
  • Supports all major apps and games;
  • Light-weighted;
  • Customizable;
  • Unlimited cloning.

8. Super Clone

Super Clone made Cloning android applications easier than before with its multiple account support. It is one of the best top ranked clone apps available on Google play store.
This clone app is very easy to use. By using this app You can easily switch between accounts in one click.
Same Like other cloning application this app provides Privacy and Security feature to hide and protect your personal data.
Like previously mentioned app cloner. This app also has an inbuilt lite mode for low RAM usage and less power consumption.
The app is free to use but also has in-app purchases start from ₹200.00 – ₹1,450.00. This clone app has over 1,000,000+ Downloads on Google play store with the 4.3 Ratings.
So if you are looking for the best compatible app cloner for Social apps, Chat apps, and games, then a super clone will be the best for you. 


  • Best Privacy and security features;
  • Multiple app cloning;
  • Easy to use;
  • Compatible with chat apps, social apps, and games.

9. Do Multiple Accounts

Easily clone unlimited apps with Do Multiple Accounts APK. This is another one of the best clone apps for Android.
This app is light weighted and also has a lite mode feature to save power and memory usage. Like other app cloners, this app also has a private locker to protect your cloned apps.
You can easily balance your personal and professional life by creating multiple accounts for both personal and professional use. No need to worry about switching accounts, You can easily switch your accounts with just one easy click.
You can also manage the notification settings of your cloned apps. You can choose whether to show or block notifications of cloned apps.
The app is free to use but also has in-app purchases ₹270.00 – ₹1,600.00 per item. Let’s have a look at the features of this app cloner.


  • Lite mode to save power and memory usage;
  • Easy to use user interface;
  • Privacy locker;
  • Compatible with social apps, Games, and other major apps.

10. Parallel App

This is the last and the best clone apps from our list. The name of the app defines everything about the app. Same as other cloning app mentioned in the list this app also have the ability to create unlimited cloned apps.
You can easily use two accounts for the same app for free. In order to create multiple accounts, you have to subscribe to its premium subscription.
With the help of this clone app, you can easily keep your personal and work accounts separate. The user interface of this app is very easy to use.
seamlessly switch from one cloned app to another in just one easy click. This cloning application for Android is easily available for download at the Google play store.
The app has 1,000,000+ Downloads with 3.7 ratings on Google play store. Now let’s have a look at the features of this app cloner.


  • Unlimited Multiple accounts;
  • Free to use;
  • Easy to switch between apps;
Note: Some of the links may not work because of geographical restrictions. If any link does not work then you can use VPN to unblock the restrictions.
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So above is the list of best clone apps for Android. You can easily use the above-mentioned apps to create multiple accounts of the same app. 
You can easily manage your personal and professional life by using these best clone apps. If you think that we missed your favorite app cloner than feel free to comment below.

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