PwnXSS – Vulnerability XSS Scanner Exploit

KitPloit – PenTest Tools!–

A powerful XSS scanner made in python 3.7



  • BeautifulSoup4
  • pip install bs4
  • requests
  • pip install requests
  • python 3.7
  • Commands:

    git clone
    chmod 755 -R PwnXSS
    cd PwnXSS
    python3 --help


    Basic usage:

    python3 -u

    Advanced usage:

    python3 --help

    Main features

    • crawling all links on a website ( crawler engine )
    • POST and GET forms are supported
    • many settings that can be customized
    • Advanced error handling
    • Multiprocessing support.
    • ETC….



  • Added custom options ( –proxy, –user-agent etc… )
  • v0.3B Patch:

  • Added support for ( form method GET )
  • v0.4B:

  • Improved Error handling
  • Now Multiple parameters for GET method is Supported
  • v0.5 Release (Final):

    • Bug fixed
    • Now cookies is supported. (–cookie {})


    • Sorry for my bad english
    • if you run pwnxss on the win10 terminal you will get an untidy output
    • now it doesn’t support DOM

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