How To Increase Your PC RAM Using Pendrive

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Hey, guys come back with another post in which am going to teach you “How to increase your computer or pc RAM” using a Pendrive. Basically, we are going to swap the memory of Pendrive then which acts as computer RAM.

Step 1

  • Firstly insert the Pendrive > Now right click on your Pendrive Open properties
  • Note- Pendrive should be completely empty

Step 2

  • Now you need to browse to ReadyBoost Tab

Step 3

  • Then switch to Use this drive and reduce your current memory space
  • If your Pendrive has 4GB then always keep 100-200 MB less.

Step 4

  • Then click on Apply button and all Done.

Note- This will only work if you have 6GB or less then 6GB of RAM on your PC
I hope this information is helpful for you and if you found something interesting then please do share with your friends and relatives. Thanks for visit have a nice day.

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