THM- OWASP Juice Shop- Part 1

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Hello All,

Today I am trying one of the newest boxes in THM i.e., OWASP Juice shop.

OWASP Juice Shop

As you all know the OWASP juice shop is an offline web Application to learn and understand how many different attacks work. Let's solve some of them in TryHackme

In the 1st Challenge which is reconnaissance. Here we need to access the application and find out answers to the 3 questions they gave

What’s the Administrator’s email address?

Easy one….- Almost same as username( Answer visible in other challenges of box )

What parameter is used for searching?

Try something in the search bar and you can see the answer

What show does Jim reference in his review?

As per the hint, we can review comment of Jim and google it, we can get the answer( Popular TV show)

In this section, we are going to test Injection techniques, SQL in this case
We need to use the login form field to inject the SQL command

‘ or 1=1 —

Once we follow the process by intercepting the traffic with Burp, got the below flag ( Answer)

Next task, we need to log in as bender@juice-sh.op using burp, and that's our next flag.

Broken Authentication:

1st task is to crack the admin using Admin password using burp and we got the flag

2nd Task is to crack Jim’s password

Honestly, I tried multiple attempts and finally tried using burp and got a flag finally.

This task is related to sensitive data exposure.1st task is related to accessing a non-public directory to get a flag.

The next task is to access the Mc Safe search account. The answer is in the hint. Got the flag.

3rd task is related to Poison Null Byte.

Poison null byte is a type of Injection by adding a null value to bypass the restriction Policy. In this task, we are not allowed to download files that are then .md and .pdf. Hence we are adding a null byte to bypass the restriction.

I got the flag successfully and I will continue the rest of them in the next part.

Thanks for reading this….

Note: Submitted as a part of October PentesterLab giveaway” at the end of the Writeup.

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