How I Hacked A Cybercafe To Teach Them About Cyber security

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Hello Everyone today i am going to tell you how i hacked a cybercafe to teach them about cyber security. As we all know today security is very important for protection of our data. Many of us go to cybercafes for our work but have we noticed that many cybercafes doesn’t take security as a serious issue which is dangerous for the people going to cybercafes as the protection of the data of the people should be their first priority.

This incident happened few days ago and for some work i went to cybercafe but i saw their that the security was very weak there. I saw that they were running windows 7 and we all know that windows 7 is no longer supported by Microsoft so their will be no patches available for windows 7 users.

They were using no antivirus so if any malware gets installed they will not get to know that they have been hacked and also there network password was so weak that it can be hacked in less than 1 min. As an White hat hacker i told them to upgrade their security and they listened me but they didn’t take it seriously.

Then i thought of teaching them that security is important for protection of the data. I made a Trojan and injected it in a PDF file and then i went to cybercafe and said them that i want a printout of this PDF file and when they opened the PDF file. The Trojan got executed and now i have access to their computers and also i have full access to their network. I told you that the password was very weak and it can be hacked in less than 1 min and the password was “Turu lob”. After seeing this as a password i was not able to stop my laugh. Now i have access to their systems so i told them that i hacked them. First time listening that they are hacked they were laughing and said don’t joke with us so i showed them proof.

This is a very sensitive data and it is stored in the system without any encryption by which anyone can steal the data and use it for malicious purpose and many more data of users was there on the system. After seeing this they were shocked.

I said them that i am a hacker and have said you earlier to update your security but you didn’t take it seriously. So to tell you that security is important i did this. Also the owner of the cybercafe was very good. He understood and thanked me for telling them about security. As an hacker i was very proud that i did something great to teach people about cyber security.

Guys as a hacker it’s our duty to aware people about cyber security. So that they can protect themselves from cyber threats. I did this for legal purpose only as we hackers are the guardians of the internet.

Thank you everyone and have a nice day

(Note: This article is only for educational purposes)

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