WebGoat Without password Challenge

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WebGoat Without password challenge

Second WebGoat challenge, we have to log in as Larry, let’s see what’s in here

The “Forgot Password” link is fake and not much in HTML source

Burp shows that, apart from the request to /WebGoat/Challenge5.lesson.lesson and its HTML, there is not much else when requesting the page

There is a /WebGoat/lesson_css/challenge6.css file loaded for the challenge but it does not have anything interesting inside

Let’s try to log in as Larry

Login request on Burp

Here’s the login request on Burp, and of course “password” is not the correct password

If username and password parameters are present but their value is missing in the request, the challenge will complain for the lack of input

If username or password parameter is missing altogether, we get error status code 400 — Bad Request

the “remember” parameter is optional both in value and in parameter presence

let’s see what happens by putting a single quote in

Request with single quote in Burp

We get a nice Java SQL exception

Java SQL error

And by checking the error, there we have the login SQL query

Java SQL error with injection

So yes we have SQL injection here

Request with SQL injection and authentication bypass

There you go, we have logged in as Larry and the response has a flag further down the feedback string

Put the flag in the lesson submit field and you are done

This concludes WebGoat Without password Challenge

I hope you liked it.

PVXs — https://twitter.com/pivixih

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