Free Recover Data From Format Pen Drive Or Hard Disk Using Foremost

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Hey guys, am come back with another exciting tutorial in which we are going to introduce you to the most powerful opensource forensic tool Foremost. It is the most powerful data recovery tool I have ever seen using this tool you can recover video, audio, image, doc, etc. files. Hope you going to enjoy this post.

Installation Of Foremost

  • You need to have a Linux system on your computer to install Foremost
$ sudo apt-get install foremost
  • Now wait for the finishing of the installation process
$ foremost -h
  • Now all helping commands of Foremost showed on terminal


  • Plugin your Hard Disk or Pen Drive in your computer
  • Check the file path of your plugin disk using the given command
$ fdisk -l
  • Copy the name of your plugin disk or drive (Example:- sda/sdb1)
$ foremost –t(file types) mp3,jpeg,pdf –q(quick scan) –i sda/sdb1(drive or disk) –o /root/Desktop/Output (Output folder)

The speed of recovering data depends upon your system spices and the size of data + Hard disk or drive. I hope this information is helpful for you and if you still have any questions or know any better free tool to recover data then comment below. Have a nice day.

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